January Empties

So I know I am a little late on this train but I’ve been super busy shooting a new Netflix series and didn’t have time to edit this until now. Here are my January Empties. 


How I healed a rash caused by product reaction

A few days ago I had a terrible reaction to a cleansing balm (pictured below). Within 10mins of using it my face got covered in hives, I couldn't take photos because it happened at night, there was no light, and I took a antihistamine and proceeded with a calming gentle skincare routine and was much better the next day. 


HOW TO Recycle Beauty Packaging

Since the booming of the plastic industry, around the 1950's, an astonishing 9.2 billion tons of plastic have been produced. 6.9 billion tons have become waste and of those 6.3 billion tons were not recycled. It is hard to know exactly how much has ended up in the ocean but it is estimated that 14 million tons of plastic are dumped in coastal regions EACH YEAR. Let that sink in for a moment.

Beauty Empties and How To recycle them

I have the biggest amount of empties that I have been collecting for nearly a year to show you but I always seem to forget but I have recently trying to declutter my home and my life and that includes getting rid of all this trash so I'll be posting 10 empties every week :) For each empties post I'll be also showing how to recycle all this packaging!

Going cruelty-free & to do with all other beauty products

I see so many people online who are currently or have recently transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. Myself after 11 years vegetarian, decided to go one step further and adopt a vegan diet from January 1 2020. It started out as a 'Veganuary' challenge and I soon decided this was the best decision for my body, my mind and the planet. 

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