My SPF Bundle

Summer is out there and I mean literally out there because here in London, today is very windy and is so cloudy you can't even see the sun, still we must use a sunscreen, so here are the ones that are currently hanging around my bathroom shelves:

The first on the list is the SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense SPF30 and is specially indicated for after chemical procedures. It has a very fluid texture and is rapidly absorbed IF you only use a tiny amount, otherwise it dries and flakes underneath makeup. It leave a very slight white cast but you can easily cover it with foundation or a colored powder. 

I know BlackJack's a brand that was created for men but that didn't put me out when buying this Oil-Free Sunguard SPF45. Because its oil-free it leaves the skin dry and shine free. It has a very aqueous texture and it works beautifully under makeup. One of my favorites.  

Next we have the Lancaster's Velvet Touch Cream Radiant Tan SPF30, that came for free when I bought a serum from the brand last year. Is on the heavier side and I feel is a bit too much for my skin. I did manage to use it for a few days when during the peak of Winter when my skin was very dry but otherwise I would only recommend it for drier skin types. PS- it has a very strong smell and it reminds me of the Lush smell, which is a bit much for me. 

La Roche Posay's Anthélios AC Matte Extreme Fluid SPF30 is one the favorites of many American bloggers but I was very disappointed by it and it went straight to the bin after I wrote this post. It is really fluid and matte but it has so much alcohol which make it dry in literally a few seconds leaving no time to spread it evenly on my face and it gets so dry that puting makeup on top is virtually impossible, it starts flaking sooooo much I had to cleanse my face again the few times I've tried using it. 

Uriage's Hyséac SPF50 vehaves much better in that aspect. It doesn't leave white residue and it doesn't flake too much specially if you apply makeup before it dries. It does mattify the skin without leaving it too lackluster and it holds well throughout the day without melting. I don't love the smell but I can leave with it being this a good product. 

Last but no least, my very favorite: Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF50 PA+++. Its texture is very similar to BlackJack's but a bit more fluid and lighter. It doesn't flake underneath makeup on my skin but I know it does on Raquel's from Luxurious Skin. It is definitely worth the try if you're looking for a high SPF that works well under makeup. 

I'm always looking for the next best SPF because is a product is use EVERY-SINGLE-DAY of the year so if you have any recomendation, don't hesitate to leave it in the comments down below :) 


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