My Rexaline Obsession

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I have been obsessed with Rexaline for years and years and I think it's the brand I have repurchased more over the years. 

I have tried almost every product from the Hydra Dose range but I seem to keep going back to these 3 over and over again. 

The Hydra Dose Hyper Hydrating Skin Densifying Anti Wrinkle Cream (on the left) besides having the longest name in the history of cosmetics is a lovely moisturizing cream, very light and quickly absorbed but very very plumping and moisturizing. I have repurchased it so many times, love it using it as a night cream particularly in the summer as my skin can be quite oily but it's always dehydrated.

The Hydra Dose For Dry Or Weakened Skin (on the top) it's more like a buttery balm, more heavy duty but still light enough and I never clogs my pores which is always a plus. It's aimed for more dry skin types but because it absorbs so quickly and it's non-comedogenic, it can be used by anyone. I personally love using it in the cold winter nights, I always wake up plumped and radiant after using it.

My absolute favorite from the range is the Hyper Hydrating Water Burst Mask, which I love so much I always have two in stock and always buy as much as I can when it's on sale. It's probably my favorite hydrating mask, it's a light moisturizing gel, it feels very sticky on the skin but it's sooo plumping and brightening that I can't stop using it, my skin loves it and so do I.

These products are not cheap per say but they are usually on sale at TKMaxxx for £10. 

Have you every tried any Rexaline product? Which one is your favorite? 

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