Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd Edition Swatches

I love make palettes and I am so in love with Pixi's last year Beauty Kit that I didn't even flinch when I saw this on the store for a mere £28/32€/$35. I used the 2nd Edition Beauty Kit nearly everyday since last Christmas, it's super versatile and you can create a multitude of looks with it. 

When you look at both palettes the major difference between them is the 3rd Edition has more mate shades than the 2nd and that's why I bought it. Although I love shimmer eyeshadows and use them nearly everyday, I sometimes miss some mate shades to complete my looks.

Overall the quality of this palette is not as good as the previous one. The face powders are really good but the eyeshadows, especially the mate ones are just not amazing. If you like hyper pigmented eyeshadows this is definitely not for you but for people like me who are no very skilled with make up is just perfect.

True, they are not very pigmented but they build up and blend really well, they are all very buttery, and for me doing my makeup everyday at 5am it's perfect as it decreases my chances for mistakes by 90% :p 

Have you tried this palette or any of the Pixi products yet? If you are inclined to get this one, do it fast as they are set to run out fast!

You can get this palette for £28/32€/$35 with free worldwide shipping 
from Lookfantastic - http://fave.co/2f3itfD



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