Best body lotion for dry skin

This is definitely on my top 3 body lotions ever! The other two being the Rituals Honey Touch Rich and Nourish Body Cream ¦ HERE which at £17 I use very sparingly on very special occasions and the Eucerin Intensive Lotion ¦ HERE, with 10% urea, I tend to use it once a week after a long bath and then comes the Garnier Ultimate Blends Restoring Body Lotion which is my fail-safe, go-to, ride-or-die body lotion. I always have 2 on the go plus backups.

It's not the only body lotion I use, I like to try out new things all the time, but it's definitely the one I use more often and as mentioned above, one of my all time favorites. Whenever I'm in a rush, or if my skin is looking dull and dry or whenever I'm too bored with anything else, this is what I reach for. The cool thing about is that it costs less than a tenner for £400ml and it's always on sale somewhere, whether it's Boots, Superdrug or Feelunique, which is always where I get mine from. 

It's super moisturizing and nourishing yet lightweight and quickly absorbed. The smell is delicious without being too empowering, you can definitely smell it on yourself if you sniff your arms and legs but it won't interfere with any fragrances. 

If you have naturally dry skin or if you just get flaky-winter skin like me, definitely give this a go, slather this on damp skin for a couple of days and say hello to nourished, radiant and Victoria's Secret approved skin. 

I've used this non-stop for over a year and really want to try the cream version of it but haven't gotten 'round it yet. 

TIP - For ultra soft nourished skin try using this on damp skin after a good exfoliation, your skin will gleam and feel ultra soft.

Get yours here -

What's your favorite body lotion for dry-winter skin? I really want to try other scents from the Ultimate Blends range, which one is your favorite? 


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