My love affair with Leonor Greyl

Almost a year ago I made the wise decision to stop using products with silicone on my hair and I literally threw away over £200 worth of hair products and then realized I had nothing to wash/condition and style my hair with and had 2 days to find something, before my hair turned into a messy grease ball.

During my research I found many brands that offered sulfate-free and silicone-free products but none of them would be delivered in time so I went to my local pharmacy and literally sat there reading labels for over an hour (they stock up a lot of brands). I could hear the bells ring when I came across Leonor Greyl, a luxurious all-natural hair care brand with 0% nasties and 100% goodness for your hair.

I’ve been using these products for over a year and I’ve repurchased one of them so I thought it was time for you to know about them.
The Crème aux Fleurs ¦ £19.20 here, it's a beautiful cleansing conditioner especially formulated for sensitive scalp but it’s not your average cleansing conditioner. You put it on dry hair and scalp, leave it on for 1 hour, of course I leave it on all night, then wash your hair, you don’t need any additional shampoo/conditioner, as soon as you wet your hair, the cream, will emulsify and turn into a really luxurious cream which is easily rinsed off and you’re left with a calm scalp and really moisturized, glossy hair. If you have scalp eczema like me, this is a miracle worker during flare ups, it doesn’t do much for the eczema but it calms my scalp like no other. It is also great if you have dry frizzy hair, if you gently blow dry your hair after using this, it will seem like you just had the most expensive hair treatment ever. It is that good.
This is my 3rd bottle and I can’t see my life without it anymore. I used to use it every time I washed my hair for the first 3 months and it just brought my frizzy hair back to life which now looks and feels so healthy and luxurious, I now use it every couple of weeks, or whenever my hair starts feeling dehydrated. I get soooooo many compliments asking me how I have time to blow dry my hair every day to make it look nice and the truth is I don’t blow dry my hair at all! It just looks naturally good.

The Éclat Naturel ¦ £25.60 here is a styling cream for dry hair, I used this religiously every day when I first got it because my hair was super damaged but I don’t really need to use it as much anymore so I just use it if I need to blow dry my hair for an event or if my hair feels a little dry for some reason. It’s a really thick cream and a little goes a long way, it will really transform your hair and eliminate frizz.. I love using this after washing my hair at night then putting it in a braid and let it dry overnight, I always wake up with the most beautiful and the shiniest waves. 

Last but not least the Sérum de Soie Sublimateur ¦ £25.95 here is a lightweight every day serum, I use it every morning, before brushing my hair to detangle. It nourishes the hair without weighting it down and it’s perfect if your hair is thin. I absolutely love and this is already my second bottle of it, I especially like to use it to revive the waves I create with the braid.

All and all I cannot say enough how much I love Leonor Greyl products and there’s so many more I want to try. What about you? Have you jumped on the silicone-free bandwagon yet? It was really hard in the beginning, my hair was sooo dry but I wouldn't go back to silicones ever again, my hair has never been healthier :)


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