Why you should be putting oils on yo' face

In this day and age I find it really hard to believe that there's brands out that tell people not to put oil on their faces, particularly if they have oily skin! I mean c'mon people!!!

In order to be healthy all skin types, including oily, need a balance of water and oil and the right oil can be especially beneficial oily skin as it balances the oil production. You fight fire with fire, if you give your skin the oils it needs, it won't need to produce as much sebum. Most people think they have oily skin but what they have is unbalanced skin that is dehydrated and so it produces more oil to try and balance itself.

I always thought I had oily skin until I embraced facial oils for the first time and realized I have normal skin with a big tendency to get dehydrated. How do I know I'm dehydrated? My skin feels dry while being oily at the same time. 
How do I fix it? I wear products that are light and extremely hydrating and I seal them with a facial oil, which will prevent moisture to leave my face while balancing my oil production bringing my skin back to its normal self.

Although you can pretty much use any plant based oil on your skin, there are some more suitable for certain concerns and lately the only 2 oils I’ve been using are there MV Organics Pure Jojoba Oil ¦ £29 HERE* and Skin Soother Booster ¦ £60 HERE* and my skin couldn’t be happier!

I’ve tried many Jojoba oils over the years, it’s probably my most used facial oil ever, but I have never used any so good as the MV Organics one, it’s such a luxury high quality oil, I use it pretty much every morning on top on my moisturizer and before my SPF and it just makes my skin glow without being shiny at all and it keeps it moisturized all day long.

I work in an air conditioned environment where I need to wear a full face of makeup every day and after 6-7 hours my makeup used to crack as my skin got dehydrated throughout the day and this oil has been my absolute savior in preventing that. My skin stays supple all day long and my makeup in place.

Jojoba oil is also very close in composition to our skin’s natural sebum so it’s great to balance oil production in very oily and unbalanced skins. It’s also a great at removing mascara and conditioning your eyelashes and to drench parched tresses, it’s great all rounder!

As for the Skin Soother Booster was my ride-or-die product on a weekend trip I took to Prague. It was freezing cold, -3 degrees every day, and no matter how much serums, moisturizers and oils I put on my face every morning it still managed to crack under the cold weather, on top of that I decided it would be good to acid exfoliation every morning to get rid of the dry skin, smart I know, when I got back to the hotel every night my skin would be completely chapped and sore from the wind and cold, super red and inflamed, so after cleansing gently, the only thing I put on my face was this oil and oh boy! It is the most soothing product I have ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot, due my often failed skin experiments with acids and retinols. Every morning I’d wake up with my skin perfectly soothed and back to normal, it also left my skin incredibly hydrated and soft.

I’m completely surrendered to the MV Organics oils and I really really want to try the Rose Plus Boosters and the Instant Revival Booster which looks great for summer. Have you tried these ones yet? Let me know what you think cause I’m really curious about them!!

*PR Sample

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